Ben Williams - Astons Arborists

Arboriculture, Australia -

Ben Williams - Astons Arborists

Climber: Ben Williams - Filming: Ben Williams - Editing: Ben Williams


Job title: Arborist - Contract Climber

Industry: Arboriculture

Company: Astons Arborists

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Reecoil tools:

How long have you been in the industry? 15 Years

What does your typical work day involve? Removals and some pruning work.

Stihlmadd up tree

What's the biggest challenge of your job? Getting my throw-in in where I want it and the bag back down to me.


What’s your proudest work accomplishment so far? I have never done anything to cause another person to be injured on my work site.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone wanting to start in your industry? The little voice in your head does actually know what it is talking about most of the time, learn to listen to it when it is important and dismiss it when aggressiveness is needed over caution.

Stihlmadd felling log picture


You can follow Ben on Youtube or follow on Instagram to see some of his BIG tree work and awesome videos!

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