Lucas Pearce - L&C Tree Services

Arboriculture, Australia -

Lucas Pearce - L&C Tree Services

Job title: Owner/Climber

Industry: Arboriculture

Company: L&C Tree Services

Location: Lang Lang, Victoria, Australia

Reecoil tools:

How long have you been in the industry? Roughly 6.5-7 years

What does your typical work day involve? It’s one extreme to another really. One minute we can be doing fine hedging and pruning, then the next minute we can be doing technical confined space removals, big and small. I think that’s one of the things i love about this industry, every day is different.

Arborist up pine tree in Victoria Australia with X-Rigging Ring


What's the biggest challenge of your job? Hedging lol. No really, this is a hard question. Every day and every job presents its own challenges and being versatile enough to deal with them is a challenge in itself, if that make sense lol.

What’s your proudest work accomplishment so far? Running my own business and pushing myself to do harder, more technical jobs (big and small).

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone wanting to start in your industry? Being  versatile and a well round tree worker. By this I mean it’s amazing to do the monster technical removals and prunes , but being able to do the fine hedging work, or pruning Mrs Jones fruit trees, is just as important and takes the same finesse as the epic removals/prunes. This make you a more valuable well rounded tree worker/ employee.

Also be persistent. It is a tough job, it doesn’t come easy and you never stop learning, so always push yourself to be better.



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