Toola-Tatch tool tether

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The REECOIL TOOLA-TATCH tool tether, has been designed for rope access workers, construction riggers and fall arrest work situations. If you work at height and need to tether a wide variety of hand tools, Toola-Tatch is the answer.


Designed for 100% security, using our high strength cord.

The Toola-Tatch connects to you hand tools in two different ways.

  • Girth hitch the attachment cord through an existing tool attachment hole and secure with the toggle clamp,      
  • Girth hitch around a secure, non tapered location on the body of the tool and then secure the webbing tab with tape for a more ergonomic grip and alternative storage option.

The compact size of the Toola-Tatch makes it easy to install without affecting tool use.

Manufactured from high strength, high quality materials. This is the most versatile attachment method for a multitude of hand tools used at height.