How Reecoil Started

Reecoil Manufacturing Company started in June of 2015 in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Australia

It all began with my good friend and fellow Arborist Timmy Broadbent who wanted me to build him a new chainsaw lanyard.

Timmy was a full-time arborist and arguably one of the best known and best regarded arborists in Melbourne and Australia. We worked together many many times, mostly on weekends always having a laugh. We also spent countless weekends in his garage splicing ropes, modifying products and improving our climbing setups, mostly over cans of Melbourne bitter (I’m sure a lot of climbers can relate).

(who forgot the ladder?)


The Need:

Now our climbing gear was always being tweaked and updated. The latest ascenders, the newest lanyard adjusters and everything custom spliced to fit our needs.

The only thing that wasn't perfect was our chainsaw lanyards. For a few years there had been a trend (in Melbourne at least) of anchoring our lanyards to the saws top handle, using a quickdraw sling.

This technique relocated our hang carabiner and meant that we could always hang our saw up with one hand and unhook it with one hand too. It also changed the way the saw would sit allowing it to hang sideways, so the bar and chain wouldn't cut up the back of our chainsaw pants.

Knowing this, all we wanted was a chainsaw lanyard that would do this for us. So we designed one.

While we were at the drawing board, there were other modifications to add. Among the modifications, was that we also needed our lanyard to stretch further than the other lanyards we had used, because every other lanyard out there was always too short and would stop us reaching to make our cuts.


The Solution:

The solution was the Full-Reach lanyard. Now those first prototypes were really clunky. They either had the wrong webbing, or the stitching needed to change... but after a lot of trial and error and countless hours on the sewing machine we had it. We had our perfect chainsaw lanyard.

A bit of time passed and with us knowing so many other Arborists, we had requests coming in from climbers around Melbourne who wanted their own Full-Reach lanyard too. So it was back to the sewing machine, stitching these lanyards together one at a time, often in the early hours of the morning.

At the time I was working at a local Arb shop (Treegear) as a rope splicer amongst other things. The company owner suggested he stocked the Full-Reach lanyard in store. Now this was a different kettle of fish. Even building the Full-Reach lanyards in lots of 10 was hard and time consuming work. Plus I wanted to carry out extensive testing before we went on sale in store.

Then along with Treegear, emails and messages were coming in from other climbers and retailers in Australia and around the world, asking how they could get the Full-Reach lanyard.


Things were getting serious! Reecoil needed a factory.


So that is the beginning of how it all started...with an idea from a good friend and some passion to get things going.

I’m heartbroken to say that Timmy is no longer with us. He passed away in October 2015, never seeing his idea brought to life by our factory. Leaving behind his two great boys, his amazing wife and leaving a void in the Arborist industry.

For me though, I see him in every Full-Reach lanyard and every time I see the Reecoil logo.

Because even the Reecoil name wouldn’t be what it is, or the Reecoil logo look like it does if it wasn’t for him.

And I’m sure it would make him smile to know that he has helped so many Arborists around the world, from that one idea. The Full-Reach lanyard.


In loving memory of Timmy Broadbent, 1980 - 2015