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Break Testing

Reecoil Carabiner Break Test

Many 'tool drop' solutions on the market are "rated", but they're not all rated equally.

Take a moment to find out why Reecoil likes to do it differently.

Working at height, we know from experience how tools are used and the type of situations they get used in. More often than not, tools will be in use well above the lanyard anchor point on the harness, or tool bucket.

When a tool is dropped in this situation, it will often incur a Fall Factor 1.5 or greater.

With this in mind, all our products:

Toola-Tatch on test bed for break test
  • Go through third party testing, to destruction
  • MBS (Minimum Break Strain) assigned
  • WLL (Working Load Limit) assigned
  • Safety Factor assigned

All our testing is carried out by third party, NATA accredited test centres.

Practical application

In addition, our lanyards have listed a MTW (Max Tool Weight) or Recommended Tool Weight. This is the weight of tool, that if dropped, will remain safely under the WLL (Working Load Limit) of your lanyard.

This is an added step by us to make it easier for you to choose the right lanyard for the job and keep yourself and others safe on the job site.

Using the Full-Reach lanyard as an example:

Tool lanyard RatingsListed on the Full-Reach lanyard is:

  • MBS: 4.5kN (450kg)
  • WLL: 0.45kN (45kg)
  • MTW: 5.33kg at Fall Factor 1.5

So dropping a 5.33kg tool from around shoulder height with the lanyard anchored on the harness will generate 45kg of force. Which is still safely at the Full-Reach lanyards WLL.

Here at Reecoil, we pride ourselves on developing the safest, most efficient and practical solutions for climbers. Whether your job site is a building, a wind turbine, a tree... or anything in between.

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