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Michael Korzenski - Tree Man Mike

Michael Korzenski - Tree Man Mike

Job title: Arborist 

Industry: Arboriculture

Company: Tree Man Mike 

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Reecoil tools:

How long have you been in the industry?I have been in the arb industry for 17 years, having worked in various countries including Australia, New Zealand, England and currently Germany.

What does your typical work day involve? My day kicks off at 7 am at the yard, where I receive my job sheet. Then me and my team carry out all aspects of tree work, from big fells, reductions to planting trees.

What's the biggest challenge of your job? The whether! It can be difficult braving freezing temperatures as low as minus 11 degrees during winter or enduring scorching heat exceeding 40 degrees, battling extreme weather is the biggest challenge in my job.

What’s your proudest work accomplishment so far? Having worked with many great people and still enjoying the arb world after 17 years. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone wanting to start in your industry? Observe other climbers and learn from them. No matter how good you think you might be, there is always room for improvement.


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