Environmental Responsibility

REECOIL™ holds a commitment to operate as a force for good for our planet.

We are acutely aware that the consumption of the worlds depleting resources is unsustainable. And if we are to leave a positive legacy for our children, grandchildren and beyond. It will take positive and determined work on everyone's part. And so we start with ourselves.


You will notice that all REECOIL™ products are individually packaged in cardboard, without the use of single-use plastic. Due to single-use plastics being one of the hardest materials to recycle and statistically least likely.

We are constantly evolving our sourcing of packaging materials to more sustainable alternatives and strongly encourage our users to recycle the cardboard packaging they receive.


REECOIL™ does employ the use of various plastics in our range for their properties ideally suited to the job.

Knowing that the production and use of virgin plastics, is one of our planets biggest problems to tackle. REECOIL™ has implemented the process of overengineering our plastic components. This enables us to utilise recycled and reclaimed plastics in our products.

Currently, there isn't a means of undoing humans extraction of resources, into the production of plastics. Therefore REECOIL™ is working towards the sequestration of waste plastic, and turning it into our long lasting components. This takes plastic out of circulation and prevents it becoming a degrading waste product in our environment.

For sustainability partnership enquiries, contact team@reecoil.com