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The DRILL-GRAB POWER TOOL KIT by Reecoil is the one-stop solution for using cordless power tools at height.

Designed to fit the needs of industrial height professionals. 

Whether it is for use in building maintenance, sign installation, wind turbine blade repair or any other construction and utility works. The DRILL-GRAB KIT makes it safe, easy and efficient to use cordless power tools at height.

Our Patent Pending DRILL-GRAB TOOL HARNESS creates a rated connection to cordless power tools. Which is fully adjustable across a wide range of tool diameters and battery sizes.

Whether you're needing to tether drills, grinders or saws. The DRILL-GRAB KIT makes it easy. Maximising safety on the job sites for both staff and the surrounding public.


  1. Rated attachment point for cordless power tools
  2. A Steel core lanyard, great for hot works
  3. Secures the battery from accidental drops
  4. Allows for quick and easy battery replacement
  5. Adjusts to fit a wide range of tool and battery sizes
  6. Convenient power tool storage on harness or tool belt
  7. Load rating 3.2kg (7lb)

For work within:

  1. Construction
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. General Industry - Carpentry, Roofing, Scaffolding, High Rise Maintenance
  4. Utilities: Telecoms, Power generation

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DRILL-GRAB Info Sheet -Download

DRILL-GRAB Product Range - Download


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