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Setting Up and Using a Soft 8 Canopy Anchor

Setting Up and Using a Soft 8 Canopy Anchor


In this guide, we'll walk you through setting up and using a Soft 8 canopy anchor, which is a versatile tool for arborists that can reduce the friction for rope retrieval.

To be carried out by trained professionals only!

This anchor is designed for midline attachment, offering a practical alternative to traditional ring-based canopy anchors. 

Components You'll Need for the Soft 8:

  • Notch Quickie
  • DMM Quick Draw sling
  • Oval quick link


Purpose of the Notch Quickie Soft 8 Anchor:

You can use the Soft 8 anchor as part of your SRT (Single Rope Technique) setup. It allows for easy disconnecting and reconnecting in the canopy, making it simpler to raise your anchor point.


Installation Steps:

  1. Identify the small ring side and the big ring side of the Soft 8 anchor.
  2. Attach the small ring side to the side you won't be climbing on and the big ring side to the side you will be climbing.
  3. Use an Alpine butterfly stopper knot on the small ring (non-climbing side) to secure it.
  4. Add an extra carabiner to the alpine butterfly loop for knot-blocking.
  5. As you pull up the climbing line, it raises the Soft 8 to the anchor point and it chokes it in place

Install your SRT Climbing Device:

  • I use a Hitch Climber and Rope Wrench setup with a "knut" friction hitch for climbing.
  • Other options are:
    • A Notch Rope Runner
    • A Rock Exotica Akimbo
    • A Petzl ZigZag and Chicane
    • A Rock Exotica Unicender

Raising your Anchor Point:

  1. Plan your route from your desired anchor point in the tree.
  2. Stand in the union with your lanyard connected and throw your climbing system up and over your new desired anchor point 
  3. Reattach the Soft 8 using the Notch Quickie and tension it in place
  4. Take up the slack in your climbing system so your weight is supported
  5. Move around the canopy with your new anchor point


Dealing with Wasps:

In the tropics, this is a common occurrence. If you encounter stinging insects, either do not continue the climb or if this has been planned for, remember to plan your escape by planning the path of descent with the tail of your rope. You can drop the tail of your rope down a clear path for a quick descent and avoid potential stings.

Benefits of the Soft 8:

  • Reduced friction compared to other methods like a Running Bowline or Alpine Butterfly with rope-on-rope friction.
  • Versatile for various tasks in the canopy.

Using a Soft 8 canopy anchor can enhance your efficiency and safety while working in trees and reduce friction when retrieving your climbing line. Make sure to follow safety guidelines and best practices when performing tree work. To be carried out by trained professionals only!

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