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Looking for a heavy duty retractable tool lanyard? The Reecoil Retractor has got you covered

Looking for a heavy duty retractable tool lanyard? The Reecoil Retractor has got you covered

Here at Reecoil we develop heavy duty tool lanyards. Our first lanyards were designed as coiled tool lanyards, giving you maximum reach to recoil ratio. Now we’ve introduced a retractable tool lanyard to the team.

The Reecoil Retractor has been on the back burner for a little while now and we have decided to launch it in Australia before it rolls out elsewhere.

Aimed mainly at the Rope Access market, it's a retractable tool lanyard with:

5kg WLL

50kg MBS

10:1 SF

1.25m Cable Length


How to attach a retractable lanyard to your harness

There’s two easy ways of attaching your Retractor to your harness. Whether it’s a rope access harness, fall arrest harness, or simply your tool belt.


If you’ve got a Retractor with the carabiner loop attachment and use a harness with gear loops (some fall arrest harnesses don’t have them). You can easily add a carabiner and simply attach your lanyard to a convenient gear loop on your harness.

Retractable tool lanyard on harness

If you’re wanting to directly attach to the webbing of your harness, for a more permanent attachment. Look at the back of the Retractor lanyard. Remove the screws holding on the belt loop. Place the webbing in the loop and re-screw down.

Retractable lanyard on fall arrest harness

To add the Retractor to tool belts, it’s as easy as threading your tool belt through the belt loop on the back of the retractable, positioning your tool pouch next to the lanyard and away you go.

retractable lanyard and carabiner on tool belt next to tool pouch

The Retractor is available in two variants: Ratchet Action and Non Ratcheting.

The Retractor - Non Ratcheting is ideal when mounting it on your harness, next to the tool pouch and for people who don't want to have to initiate the retracting mechanism.

The Retractor - Ratchet Action is to remove tension from the cable when in use and when tools are stowed away from the Retractor (in a tool bucket or tool bag) so they don’t retract all the way back to you.


Hopefully this has given you a bit more info into our retractable tool lanyards and a bit on how to use them. Head here to find out more about our retractable lanyards.

Or if you’re wanting to find out how to tether tools, to use with your retractable lanyard. Take a look at our Toola-Tatch hand tool tethers, for more info.

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