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Our Mission: To create the world's best carry equipment for people in tough industries - “industrial athletes”.

Making their work easier and safer, one innovative solution at a time.

Our History

Our story started when our founder Dan Dass, a UK Arborist living in Australia, made our flagship product The FULL-REACH Lanyard on a $50 secondhand sewing machine in his garage.

Struggling with everything else on the market. Dan and his friend Timmy had ideas on how to improve them, and decided to create a new innovative lanyard that solved multiple issues for workers. Originally intended to be for themselves and friends in the industry. Until shops got in contact wanting to stock them...

Fast forward to today and Reecoil has an ever expanding product range stocked in over 70 stores around the world, exported to 19 different countries.

Design Ethos

We pride ourselves on our design expertise, with many of our products being the first in market to solve industry problems.

At our in-house design studio we call "the lab" we always start with an industry problem we are working to solve. From there our designers sketch, sew, prototype, break, and iterate, until the best solution comes from the process.

Our prototypes are first tested internally in the demanding conditions of Northern Australia. Then through our global network of industry professionals in all climates. And finally third party externally tested, all before we share our innovation with the world.


We are adventurers at heart. It's the reason we are headquartered in one of the most beautiful locations in Australia. A stones throw from tropical rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, and just a 30 minute boat ride out to the Great Barrier Reef.

It's the environment we love and will work to protect for out children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Some of our commitments include:

  • To increasingly build our products with recycled materials
  • Pledge 1% of our revenue to environmental charities
  • Headquarters powered by solar
  • Build products to be long-lasting and offer in-house repairs
  • All products are PFC (PFAS's) free

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born and tested in the mountains

Our unique approach to product development and business thrives where there’s room to breathe and terrain that inspires us.

Reecoil® HQ is located on the north east coast of Australia in a place called Townsville. A stones throw from tropical rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, fantastic mountain biking trails, and on the coast of the Great Barrier Reef.

We are surrounded by trees, mountains and vast open spaces, and our Townsville, Australia headquarters is the perfect place for us to work hard, play hard, and adventure.

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