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The Big-Boss Heavy Duty Lanyard

The Big-Boss Heavy Duty Lanyard

The Big-Boss lanyard is Reecoil’s ultra heavy duty lanyard. Designed to be hard wearing and high strength. For use with the biggest rear handle chainsaws and to give you years of great use.


When I was climbing full time, I prided myself on being an Arborist that was efficient at removing hazardous trees. Using up to date rigging techniques, up to date equipment and working to the upper limits of the situation.

A lot of times, even on large trees, we'd get the crown stripped before lunch and be ready to block down the trunk, (if there wasn't the space to fell).

This is often where things slowed down..Arborist taking down trunk with lowering device.


I'd find myself on big trunks with a Stihl MS661, or Husqvarna 395XP wanting to use the pulling chain to save some energy (it had been a big morning climbing around the crown of the tree).

Only problem was, when I wanted to use the pulling chain on the opposite side of the trunk...

The chainsaw lanyard would never reach!


I'd dig the dog teeth into the side of the trunk, pivot the saw on the dogs to start cutting in and STOP! I couldn't make the cut because the lanyard didn't reach.

This would either leave me having to spur around the trunk, or having to take off the chainsaw lanyard from my harness and re attaching it some where else (doing this one handed, to keep a hold of the half cut in chainsaw).

All this while I was feeling knackered, after shovelling down some lunch and getting back up the tree.

I'm only 5'7" and I needed a longer chainsaw lanyard. So anyone taller than me spurring around big barrels, must do too.

As well as this, I never liked using those small chainsaw lanyards with the big chainsaws.

If I really had to let the saw go, to steady a big block. I didn't trust that they would hold my saw.

This is why I needed the Big-Boss




4 ply Girth Hitch Loop

Our 4 ply girth hitch loop is designed to be low profile and also perfectly sized to pass the Big-Boss coil through. While cinching down at the correct point for the correct hang carabiner position, close to the saw.

Heavy duty lanyard on chainsaw Stihl MS661Heavy duty lanyard big loop


Tapered Carabiner Loop

The Big-Boss lanyard features a tapered carabiner loop, on the opposite end from the girth hitch loop. The tapered design fits a wide range of carabiner sizes allowing the gate action to remain clear and easy to use.

Heavy duty lanyard with small carabinerHeavy duty lanyard with big steel carabiner


Coil Lanyard Design

Sticking with our signature coil design, allowed us to maintain the short recoil length of the Big-Boss lanyard. We however needed to redesign the coil circumference and spring strength to achieve this. It took a lot of extra time and effort to get it right, but was worth it because the Big-Boss lanyards coil section, measures in at 35cm recoiled (even shorter than the Full-Reach lanyard) and still maintains a great reach of 170cm.

Heavy duty lanyard length comparisson

Hang Carabiner Loop

To hang your saw up, we’ve integrated a single ply webbing loop. This is not to be used to arrest the fall of a tool, only to hang your chainsaw. The single ply is to maintain a low profile design, while keeping the all black webbing loop easily distinguishable, from the high strength loops at either end.

heavy duty lanyard on chainsaw and harness


Strength Ratings

The Big-Boss has an MBS of 7.5kN (750kg), WLL of 1.07kN (107kg) and a Safety Factor of 7:1.

To ensure you are working at or below the WLL of 107kg. We have a recommended MTW (Max Tool Weight) of 12kg. 12kg dropped at a Fall Factor 1.5, remains safely under the WLL of 107kg.


heavy duty lanyard strength rating


Inspection and Labelling

To help with correct use, inspection and record keeping purposes, the Big-Boss lanyard is labeled with:

  • Make
  • Model
  • PPE Warning
  • Strength Ratings (MBS, WLL and MTW)
  • Product Code
  • Website

To finish off the Big-Boss lanyard, we’ve also added a rubberised Reecoil logo. For quick and easy recognition of quality equipment.

Big-Boss Heavy Duty lanyard


To find out more, check out the BIG-BOSS product page or drop us an email. We are always happy to talk.



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