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10 Inspiring Climbing Tattoos - For Professionals Only!

10 Inspiring Climbing Tattoos - For Professionals Only!


How much do you love your job? Enough to get a tattoo of it?


There's not a lot of people out there that love their industry enough to get a tattoo of it. I’ve not really looked, but I don’t imagine there’s many accountants or lawyers getting their jobs tattooed on themselves*.

Clearly there’s something about being an Arborist, or actually climbing for a living that makes you feel really connected to it.

Maybe it’s working in a high adrenaline environment and doing things most people wouldn’t. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a cool job to have.

Either way, I wanted to share some of the best Arborist Tattoos I’ve come across.


Viktoria Carstens Chainsaw Chain Link Tattoo
Here's Viktoria Carstens with a fresh chainsaw chain link tattoo. I've seen a few people with a full chain, but a single link is a cool new take on it (definitely Husqvarna by the way). Pic: courtesy of Viktoria.
Tree Tattoo on Wrist
Tree silhouette tattoos on arms and wrists look good. Changing up the tree species, to change the silhouette shape is a great way to really personalise this style. Pic: (Python) 
Tree Tattoo on Shoulder
The gnarly tree tattoo is a bit of a favourite. If this is the kind of style you're after, check out the gnarly tree from the movie Pans Labyrinth for some more inspiration. Pic: (Mr Oz)
Brucey Eucalyptus Tree Leaf Tattoo
Here's Brucey with an Eucalypt leaf tattoo inside of his gun. The detail in this is awesome, especially with it all out of one colour. It's a very meaningful tattoo, so thanks for sharing it. Pic: courtesy of Bruce Fowles
Arborist Tattoo in a Tree with Chainsaw
Back to the chainsaws, here's a great Arborist Tattoo. This saw has got some great detail! But check out the next one... Pic: (Chip).
Countreewide tree service Chainsaw Forearm Tattoo
You've probably seen this one shared before, but it's just too detailed not to re share! Pic: Jason and Sons Countreewide Tree Service out of Ohio, USA.



As well as those awesome Chainsaw Tattoos and Tree Tattoos. I think Arborists may have some competition in the tattoo department, coming from Tower Climbers.

I’ve never done any tower climbing, but have done a bit of rigging. You’ll be working at height, in a stressful environment, with cranes landing steels on and around you. While you’re swinging heavy tools, pinning and bolting everything together… so you are definitely doing things most people wouldn’t. And it’s a cool job!

Because of this, I couldn’t help but share some tower climbers and riggers ink too. Maybe some inspiration for your next piece ;).


Rooted tower tattoo
As far as the Tower Climber tattoos go, this is the first merge between towers and tree tattoos I've seen, with the tree roots as the base of the tower. Pic: (Frank De Lorenzo)
Rigger bull pin arm tattoo and tower climber calf tattoo
The detail in this Bull Pin tattoo  is awesome. Roy Lozano would have done some hard work pinning steels together to warrant getting this forearm tattoo. The simple design and heavy lines of his calf piece are pretty much the opposite style to the Bull Pin tat, but still cool and representing his industry well. Pic: (Roy Lozano)
Skeleton tower climber rib tattoo
Clearly had to finish with a bang. Tony Strenke has gotten great detail in this piece. From the full body harness to the scaff hooks. This guy is proud to be a tower climber Pic: (Tony Strenke).


If you’ve got any Tree Tattoos, Rigger Tattoos or any other Climbing Tattoos. Share them with us. It would be great to see them and to inspire other climbers and their ink.

Happy Climbing!





Just received a submission that's too good not to include
Tree Climber Tattoo - Wrap Around Shoulder and Chest
The amount of work that would have gone into this is amazing! Thanks for sharing Lucas! The fact that you can tell the climber is in a Treemotion harness and carrying a Kask helmet goes to show the level of detail. I think the flannel shirt really makes it too!
Tree climber shoulder tattoo and fibonacci sequence
 Here's the opposite side. There's so much personality in this piece, especially when you start noticing the Fibonacci sequence throughout.
Clearly tattoos say a lot about us. And they've not got the negative connotations that they once did.

Feel free to share your tattoos with us!

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