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What has tree climbing got to do with rhino conservation?

What has tree climbing got to do with rhino conservation?

Two of the four subspecies of African rhino are now extinct in the wild. Barely 5,500 black rhino remain. Poaching for rhino horn continues to be an existential threat.

In one area of Zimbabwe, however, a team of rangers have achieved a steadily growing rhino population. 

rhino conservation tree climbing

Along with a successful intelligence network in the local communities, and the use of a highly-trained team of Belgian Malinois tracking dogs, the rangers have adopted arborist tree-climbing techniques to access the towering local baobabs as elevated lookout points and safe campsites away from nocturnal predators. 

Check out for more details - they're running a charity auction in the coming weeks, and Reecoil chipped in to support the cause with a huge collection of our climbing kit and bags. 

rhino conservation tree climbingrhino conservation tree climbingrhino conservation tree climbing

If you're up for a real adventure, there's even the possibility of putting together a group of tree climbing mates to go across to Zimbabwe, climb with the rangers, share your skills, and camp at night in the baobabs as nocturnal animals creep in to the waterholes beneath... Check here for more details.

It's a great cause that Reecoil was pleased to support.

Check it out!

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